How can you win with Energy Scores?

The higher the Clean Energy Score is for your city the better. The higher the Clean Energy Score is for the Earth the better.

Everything is connected and without energy no one can exist. The increasing population means that the energy use is increasing. The more energy is used the more pollution there will be on the planet and the more unhealthy your life will be.

If all the energy that is used comes from renewable energy sources, the Clean Energy Score is 100. That is a great score and many cities want to have a Clean Energy Score of 100 in the future.

When you look at all the cities you find a collective Clean Energy Score of 4. This number is very low. The prospect is that the score will be as low as "8" in 2040. This means that only 8% of the total energy used on Earth will come from clean renewable sources. With 92% of the energy coming from fossil fuel the air will not be clean.

Whogreen works to demonstrate how the Clean Energy Score can be higher than is projected. With a higher Clean Energy Score the green economy transition will find greater success and so will your health.