The group from the US was a synergy of some of the most important game changers in the water treatment business.

Denmark and the United States collectively discharge millions of gallons of water to the ocean.

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Learning experience could change the impact of millions of gallons of water



March 6-10, 2017, a delegation of US wastewater treatment experts visited Denmark for insight into their industry-leading, energy-efficient approach to water treatment. The Danish Water Technology Alliance arranged for visits to top-in-class treatment facilities and fostered meaningful discussions between the two countries that have paved the way for a collaborative solution to long-term sustainability. The visit provided meaningful insight, encouraged critical thinking about sustainable solutions, and raised questions about how the flourishing Danish system can be adapted to the scale, culture, and laws of the US. The results pave the way for a productive, sustainability-minded relationship between the stakeholders in these countries moving forward.

WTA Tour 2017 with US visitors, article published in CASA news