Stars can be seen far away

Then more can help save the world

The Whogreen Stars are engineered to help people's workplaces and cities inspire each other because people get a chance to understand current and planned green activities. Whogreen climate profiles' content highlighted with stars, empower people to inspire each other across nations and cultures.

Inspiration can help to:

1. Inspire for more workplaces and cities doing the same.

2. Inspire for a higher level of CO2 consciousness and ECO-friendly activities.

Stars promote clean air, water and soil. Less pollution, less trash and less extinction of species.


The goal is a world with:

Less pollution in the air.
Less contaminated water.
Less tormented soil.
Fewer species going extinct.
Less forests disappearing.

What world?

A healthier and better world for people.
A world with a diversity of species and wild-life.
A healthy environment so the planet can rescue itself.