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Measurement tool used in many different industries

The ThermIT wireless and water proof measurement device can be used in food stores, pharmacies, refrigerated trucks, cold storage, server rooms, supermarkets, convenience stores, service stations, catering and in the hospitality industries. The temperature measurement system is a great help for companies that quickly and simply want to ensure that products are always stored properly.

How it works

Temperatures can be monitored on a web portal, and reports are sent to customers by mail. Customers have fast access to data and alarm system via iPhone, iPad and Android devices, so that alarms can be activated and deactivated online. Alarms are automatically sent by SMS and email when a sensor has measured a temperature outside the permitted range.



The ThermIT product is a wireless solution that measures and displays the temperature every hour for everything that needs monitoring.

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The ThermIT stand alone wireless temperature measurement tool is water proof and can measure temperatures in water and icy surroundings as well as warm rooms like a server room. The wireless system is a great tool for environments where water temperatures are vital to ensure peoples and animals well-being.

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POWER SOURCE DEVELOPMENT. Green battery technology. ThermIT is interested in improving the green performance of the power source. Could the protect generate its own energy when it moves around in a medium or create energy from a cold medium? In the near future the battery that powers the measurement tool could be charged with renewable energy.


TECHNOLOGY FOR REDUCTION OF ORGANIC WASTE. Increased food safety in use. The ThermIT measuring device is used in the food industry. It monitors the freezing temperature and makes sure foods do not have to be thrown away because of temperatures that vary from the official requirements.


CLOSE BY PRODUCT PARTS ASSEMBLY. Transport optimization. The ThermIT electronic devices are assembled locally and batteries are mounted before shipment. This saves transport in the products lifecircle and ensures the longest lifetime of the batteries (about 6 years).


TEMPERATURE MONITORING. Protect the environment. In many processes the temperature is vital. ThermIT presents a case story where water temperatures are monitored before thewater is discharged to streams after being used in the fishery industry process. This ensures the correct water temperature environment for the fish in the water.