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The Port of Hirtshals has a good influence on sustainable development in Northern Europe.

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Port of Hirtshals
Norgeskajen 11
DK-9850 Hirtshals

Phone +45 98 94 14 22

Solar energy LED lighting

Targets set from UN's 17 goals

Port with green goals

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The magnificent Port of Hirtshals is one of Denmark's largest harbors for passenger ships, cargo vessels and fishing vessels. More than 50,000 tons of fish are handled through the Port of Hirtshals each year.

The Port of Hirtshals connects northern Europe with Norway and the North Atlantic including the extraordinary seamless transfer of vehicles, cargo and passengers service to and from the Faroe Islands. The Port of Hirtshals has two ferry terminals, which are situated at the central eastern port and the North Sea Terminal. More than 2 million passengers cross the seas between Denmark, Norway and Faroe Islands. Color Line, Fjord Line and Smyril Line makes sure people and their vehicles reach their destination to and from Hirtshals.

The port's strategic place is in the geographical area. The Port of Hirtshals plays a central role in cargo transport in Scandinavia. Additionally, the port's topographical position enables it to go about as a junction spot for cargo transports going to and from North Atlantic, Nordics, the Baltic States and Northern Europe.

The modern business port provides anchoring services and quick treatment of a wide range of cargo between lorries, autos, trailers and boats. The Port of Hirtshals has the facilities to provide the correct settings to benefit, repair, remodel and redesign of offshore units.

In addition to its area by the North Sea, the port has created an all-around infrastructure and logistics. This is due to a simple access to the European motorway and close associations with Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland. Furthermore, The Port of Hirtshals is less than 2 hours away from Aalborg Airport. Thus, it’s easy to transport staff and equipment to the repair site. Read more at Port of Hirtshals.

Clean energy user, Solar energy, Energy Efficiency
Transport industry

USE OF SOLAR ENERGY. Buildings use solar energy from production. The electricty used by The Port of Hirtshals’ service building and a public toilet building is produced from solar energy. The solar cells that produce the power are mounted on the roof of the buildings.


PARTICIPATION IN WIND ENERGY. Four wind turbines action plan. Port of Hirtshals area provides space for four wind turbines to be installed in 2020. The wind turbines will produce power for 12,000 to 16,000 households.


RECOVERY OF WASTE RESOURCES. Waste is sent to sorting. Port of Hirtshals sends waste coming to the port to a recycling service, so most resources can be reused.


RESOURCE POTENTIAL IN WASTE. Potential for more utilization of waste resources. Port of Hirtshals would like to help recycle more resources.


LED LIGHTING. Energy-saving lighting. Port of Hirtshals has virtually replaced all lighting for LED lighting, which makes the lighting as energy efficient as possible.


CHARGING STATION. Power for electric vehicles. In coorperation between Port of Hirtshals, Fjord Line and CLEVER, charging stations have been installed for electric cars. Fjord Line passengers can charge their electric cars while waiting for the ferry.


ENERGY OPTIMIZATION. Energy and the future. Hirtshals Havn has a general objective that the future development of the port should be characterized by energy optimization.


POSITIVE ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCE IN PORT AND AT SEE. Influence and broad cooperation. As a Northern European focal point, Port of Hirtshas wish to help set the agenda for future business development. By looking at new solutions, The Port of Hirtshals, together with others, desires to create new and better markets.


NBE SUSTAINABILITY NETWORK PARTICIPANT. Knowledge sharing about environmental sustainability. As a participant in the NBE network Port of Hirtshals contributes to increasing environmentally friendly business development in the North Jutland region.


AWARDGREEN AWARD. Award 87 THE LATITUDE WINNER. Port of Hirtshals has received Awardgreen Award No. 87 for its work to influence the Port of Hirtshals in a positive direction to become a sustainable logistics center working with ports in northern Europe.


ARTISTICAL BUILDINGS WITH GREEN ENERGY. Denmark's innovative buildings with renewable energy. Port of Hirtshals' services include a toilet building with solar cells on the roof, which can be described as an artistically designed small building to be experienced.


TARGETS SET FROM UN’S 17 GLOBAL GOALS. Objectives for sustainable development for the environment and people. Port of Hirtshals has worked with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and show the areas in which The Port of Hirtshals contributes to sustainable development.


PORT AREA. Port with environmentally friendly goals. Port of Hirtshals constitutes a large area in Hirtshals, which is part of the Hjoerring Municipality in Denmark. The port continuously develops environmental friendliness and sustainability in the port area.




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