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NISSEN Energy Technology (NISSEN energi teknik)




NISSEN Energi Teknik A/S
Godthåbsvej 1
8660 Skanderborg
Phone +45 75 75 65 00

NISSEN energi teknik, USA
NISSEN energi teknik, China

Award in partnership with Glenbard Wastewater Authority

On April 25, 2017, Glenbard Wastewater Authority, Baxter & Woodman and NISSEN Energy Technology Inc. were assembled in Washington DC to receive a "National Engineering Excellence" award for Glenbard WWTP Combined Heat & Power (CHP), the first NISSEN installation in the United States. NISSEN Energy Technology A/S is very proud to receive the award for our first installation in the United States. The award shows the company's ability to innovate, collaborate and adapt to a new market. We are grateful for the trust Glenbard WWA shows NISSEN Energy Technology A/S in connection with the order. They had the courage to take the step and become our first customer in the US and make an order for us as a supplier of 2 x 375 kWe CHP units.

Biogas to power tech
National recognition
Cleaner emissions tech

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NISSEN Energy Technology gas engines

At NISSEN Energy Technology, we design our own CHP units, NISSEN Power Modules or NPM, based on modern and powerful engines from MAN, which is suitable for both natural gas and alternative gas, such as landfill gas and biogas. NPM can be delivered at 63 kW to 530 kW electrical output.

In close collaboration with the customer, we make sure to find the right NPM to obtain the most efficient and environmentally sustainable energy production. At NISSEN Energy Technology we are able to design and deliver a complete gas engine plant including a NPM or the NPM can be installed in a existing system.

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Boiler and burner



Service and spareparts.


A group from the United States arranged by the Water Technology Alliance visited NISSEN in spring 2017

Panorama photo

Glenbard Wastewater Authority in Illinois first in the US to benefit from our technology.
The photo shows NISSEN biogas engines installed at the Marselisborg wastewater treatment plant in Aarhus, Denmark.

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NISSEN energy teknik a/s is a leading Danish company within the energy sector. We design, manufacture, install, and put decentralized energy plants into operation.

We supply: - CHPs in the range of 30 kW to 2000 kW based on MAN, MWM and Cummins gas engines. - Gas burners and boiler in the range of 150 kW to 15 MW based on Unigqas and Zantingh burners. - Gas cleaning systems for biogas plants and sewage plants.

We supply after sales service for decentralized energy plants equipped with gas engines (CHPs), boilers and burners operating on natural gas, biogas, or other alternative fuels.


We create new energy


BIOGAS TO POWER TECH. Biogas to electricity and heat technology. NISSEN Energy Technology’s biogas engines coverts biogas to electricity and heat and thereby help companies produce renewable energy.  NISSEN Energy Technology can design and deliver a complete gas engine plant.


ENERGY EFFICIENCY TECH. High energy efficiency case. NISSEN Energy Technology has installed gas engines plants in many locations to help the facilities increase energy efficiency.
Case. The Marselisborg wastewater treatment plant in Aarhus, Denmark uses NISSEN biogas engines. This wastewater treatment plant produces more electricity than it needs and part of the success incudes the NISSEN engines.


NATIONAL RECOGNITION. Engineering Excellence Award. NISSEN Energy Technology has been awarded with the National Engineering Excellence Award together with Glenbard Wastewater Authority in Illinois, USA where electricity and heat is produced from the biogas recovered from the wastewater solids. The award shows the company's ability to innovate, collaborate and adapt to a new market.


INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIP. Water Technology Alliance. NISSEN Energy Technology is part of the solutions exchange partnership between the government of California and Denmark with the name Water Technology Alliance (WTA).

CLEANER EMISSIONS TECH. Removal of harmful pollution. NISSEN Gas Treatment helps to clean biogas that is generated from wastewater treatment. Companies who uses NISSEN gas purification products remove harmful substances from the biogas before the gas is burned in the engines to generate electricity.


Bureau Veritas certified. NISSEN Energy Technology is inspected and certified by Bureau Veritas within quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. Bureau Veritas is one of the world’s largest companies for inspection, classification and certification and serves 140 countries.
Danish Safety Verified
. The Danish Safety Technology Authority has approved NISSEN Energy Technology as a Competent Firm in the plumbing contractor and gas sector.



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