Individual leadership and peace

All are born with the skill of giving. When you grow into a company - you still know how

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Whogreen animal quote: The swan
With its wings open the swan can embrace a lot...
Give individuals an embracing environment when they work for a sustainable present and future.
Then perhaps they can even turn the ugly duckly planet into a swan.
White World Actions are in the family of environmental responsibility: Individual leadership to promote an environmentally sustainable world. Leadership for world peace.


Icon Smiley White World Actions Examples  
Goals for a more sustainable world by leaders.
Will Smith states that he has a goal of making the world better and more sustainable.  
Intent by Design
Intentions for a sustainable world turned into a specific case or product.
Al Gore had good intentions with his movie: An Inconvinient Truth.  
Industry Leader
Role model leader by industry for greater sustainability.
William McDonough is a role model leader of green and sustainable design.  
Green Official
Officials that are part of organizations that promotes a sustainable world.
People with nonprofit or governmental leadership experience with an area of responsibility that includes environmental sustainability.  
Leadership Experience
Leaders of organizations that work for sustainability.
People with leadership experience in industries where sustainability is a big part of the management.  


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