The objective of the MOU is to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between the Participants in the field of water technology, water management, and regulation, with a view to sharing knowledge, experiences, data, and best practices relevant to water resources management challenges.


PDF Title
Memorandom of understanding between The Kingdom of Denmark and The Government of California


Who are part of the MOU?

The Government of the Kingdom of Denmark, represented by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food
The Embassy of Denmark in Washington D.C.
The Danish Water Technology Alliance in Palo Alto and Chicago
The Government of California, represented by the Governor’s Office
The State Water Boards as well as Department of Water Resources (hereinafter “the Participants”)
Other parties included when relevant and agreed upon by the Participants.


Priorities of Coorporation in the MOU

1. Promoting knowledge and solutions of joint interest related to sustainable groundwater management - including groundwater mapping, water data collection and management, and identifying effective strategies and actions for groundwater sustainability.

2. Identifying challenges and finding effective solutions associated with water conservation, water use efficiency, reduction of water loss, and energy use in the distribution system. Sharing ideas and approaches for auditing and benchmarking of water utilities in order to enhance operational performance and promote sector learning are also critical components of this priority.

3. Sharing of best practices, regulatory approaches, research, and potential solutions for wastewater treatment - particularly focused on reducing the carbon footprint, increasing energy efficiency, promoting resource recovery of valuable nutrients such as phosphorous, and optimizing the production of renewable energy.

4. Sharing ideas and knowledge on how to stimulate innovation and facilitate entrepreneurship within our water sectors including innovative financing mechanisms for water resources management.