Efficient methods and technology

So many things are renewable, except each persons life, so use it wisely to let resources last for the next generation.

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Whogreen animal quote: The eagle
Eagles soar on thermal currents with a streamlined body that help overcome air-resistance. You don't need to look far to get inspired to operate efficiently.
Green World Actions are in the family of environmental responsibility: Energy efficiency. Resource efficiency. Resource saving.


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Smart Energy Move
Technology that can transport and manage renewable energy.
Siemens is using smart grids to optimize the balance between the supply and demand of electricity.  
Energy Systems
Supply of renewable energy production systems.
SunPower in Austalia delivers solar panel systems invented at Stanford University.  
Energy Forwarded
Energy suppliers that supply energy/heat/cooling where a min. of 70% comes from renewable energy sources.
Ecotricity.co.uk/ Ecotricity writes: You can power your home with energy from Ecotricity no matter where you live in Great Britain. Slogan: Turning electricity bills into windmills.  
Energy Saving Control
Technology that controls energy usage at a larger scale.
Drives can control how the water flows at a wastewater treatment plant. By controlling the energy use, in as many areas as possible, a plant can save a lot of energy.  
Plus-Energy Factor
Consumer products that are produced with clean energy or produces energy in usage.
KroneVinduer in Denmark manufacturers windows that can contribute to a positive energy balance in a house because the windows produce more heat than gets lost through the windows.  
Low-Energy Factor
Products and solutions that use less energy.
Example: LEED certified lighting uses less electricity that regular lighting.  
Cut Energy in Industry Usage
Reduction of energy use when the solution is implemented in the industry.
Desmi.com manufacturers pumps that benefit the customer installing the pumps.The customer saves energy. From Desmi.com: The pumps are energy efficient.  
Co2 Neutral & Reduction
Documentation of Co2 neutral or major reduction activities.
From ecos.com. Earth Friendly Products verifies how their production is Co2 Neutral.  
Absolute Efficiency
Saving energy by operations and processes that require less energy.
At Novozymes (novozymes.com) you can read: At Novozymes we have set ambitious targets for our energy efficiency and CO2 emissions.  


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