Clean air, water and soil

Everything that makes a smaller mess of the world

How is something less polluting and damaging for the environment than it was yesterday? And who makes improvements when planning, producing, selling and organizing? In all stages of working and buying products there is a greener way. The Whogreen profile directs you to the answers for each business, project and city.

What good example should be muliplied many times throughout the world?

From bad to better for the Earth and people

Whogreen is organized with causes. Not just by using the main categories that often goes with green - like renewable energy, recycling, efficiency etc. The way of the Whogreen is to dig a level deeper to find specific answers others can be inspired by. The causes can be found as: water is saved, energy is saved, resources are sustituted with greener material etc. This gives a clearer picture of what excately is being done to save the world.

Sustainability works when economies are build around it

Success makes green profitable. A Whogreen climate profile can tell a success story of how something is part of a environmentally sustainable or socially responsible solution. It is good for you, the next generation, the climate and the planet. The global green economy can grow through Whogreen climate profiles.