Millions of people work to protect the natural resources that makes living possible. Energy, water and material is consumed so you can live and work. But who are the best at making the resources last? Who works with environmental sustainability?

Whogreen Stars bring hope by competition

People like to share green and socially responsible information with you. Often it is a requirement for businesses to share green activities in reports and online in order to sell products responsibly. Now each icon and color tells a story to teach everyone about their favorite environmentally sustainable subjects.

Whogreen Stars bring hope by acceleration

By sharing sustainable development solutions the world gets smarter. An increased awareness increases the desire to act green. With Whogreen the best green actions are available, to learn from, to share and to compete about.

Know how your work place transforms to green colors

Each Action Rewarded with it's Whogreen Star tells a success story of how something is part of a environmentally sustainable or socially responsible solution. It is good for you, the next generation, the climate and the planet. Therefore it brings hope far away.

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