General aid and joy for people

There is Whogreen red for: Stop, Go and help where you can

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Whogreen animal quote: The kangaroo
The kangaroo move by hopping. It's designed to cover huge distances in a land that offers little food or water. Since people can't do that we have to come up with other solutions when food and water runs out.
Green World Actions are in the family of social responsibility: Improved living conditions for people. General aid and projects that improve conditions for people.


Icon Smiley Red World Actions Examples  
Aid Org
Nonprofit organizations.
Pencil of Promise is a nonprofit organization based out of New York City. Its team builds schools in areas lacking any type of educational services.  
Aid by project
Projects and programs for general aid. writes: "The Borgen Project is an innovative, national campaign that works with U.S. leaders to improve their response to the global poverty crisis".  
Corporations and People
Support programs built by corporations leadership.
The Rotary Foundation has donated money to vaccine against Polio. The organization was founded to help people.  
New Opportunity for People
Ways of creating new opportunities for people.
From "Our award-winning Youth Service Clubs program inspires young people to become lifelong contributors to their communities".  
New Joy for People
Ways of assisting people in daily life out of the ordinary.
From "Schoolchildren are being recruited in care homes to make sure that older people are not left behind in the digital age".  
Social Event
Social events for all social good.
At: you can find events you can join in most parts of the world in order to socialize with other people within choises of events.  


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