Health and prevention of diseases

A good health gives people the strength to sustain much more than themselves

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Whogreen animal quote: The lioness
The lioness is both a hunter and a caretaker. Putting extra strength into it is essential for survival...
A good health is universal and the basis for peoples ability to sustain what we feel obligated and destined to.
Green World Actions are in the family of environmental responsibility: Health improvement. To fight diseases.


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Health Facilities & Location Overview
Hospitals and clinics listings. is a list of hospitals in Brazil.  
Prevention of Disease
Methods and guidelines for prevention of disease. writes: Comprehensive action on the leading causes can significantly reduce the burden of disease, premature death and disability in Europe.  
Health Education & Courses
Health related education.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine offers offers experienced health professionals the opportunity to develop their personal leadership skills and professional networks.

Health 2 Health
People who help other people get a better health or prevent disease.
From Fran Drescher gives speaches about how to prevent cancer from her own life-experience.  


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