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Whogreen is the shortest way to get sustainable attention

Whogreen is your bridge between environmentally friendly goals and the actual results step by step taken by each city, company and person. Each step is a step more people can take and when taken globally the world can move faster toward a sustainable future.

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You win with Rewarded Actions decorated with Whogreen Medals and Stars


You win because each Action decorated with a Whogreen Medal tells a story of how the world has been improved and a negative impact has been reduced. It's an example to follow. 


Each medal has a star value from 3-7. 7 stars is the best rating. Collectively the stars are part of the Whogreen Medals and Stars.

Super Icons

There are 15 different Super Icons that can decorate a medal along with the number of stars. The Super Icons symbolize how close a company is to reduce its environmental impact. By doing it by own example or participating in sustainable projects.

A symbol of progress to learn from and be inspired by

Together medals, stars and icons form a powerful visual language that can speak to a broad audience and get the message across in more ways to rescue the world.


The catalogue with rewarded Medals and Stars show each Medal and who has received it.

World's new Statuette
Great use of waste at Encina Wastewater Authority