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Whogreen is your bridge between your environmentally friendly city and how the future is planned by city officials and businesses. Where you work and what Rewards with Super World Points they have decide how green your future is.

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You win with Rewarded Actions decorated with Super Icons

You win because each Rewarded Action tells a story of how the world has been improved and a negative impact has been reduced. It's an example to follow. There are 15 different Super Icons that can decorate a Reward. Each Reward also has a value from 1-7. 7 is the best rating. Collectively the points are the Super World Points.

Citizen to Business to Green City

Meet the learning experience which engages the world population to take part in the green transition through WHOGREEN publications and social media. Citizens see products become greener one example at a time, and can help to spread knowledge of the things they like to see more of in their city.

Rewards with Super World Points

The magic leaf is closest to green action. The freedom flower is industrial products designed with green goals. The cool globe are policy makers as well as exhibitions that inspires for green action.The happy face gives green things a fun angle. There is something for all of you. And a color that matches your interest in energy, forests, recycling and so on.

Awardgreen Awards

Cities and Companies that have shared Rewards wtih Super World Points at or can be nominated to recieve an Awardgreen Award. There are 90 uniqe and exclusive Awardgreen Awards. About 100 Awardgreen Awards are given to Whogreen registrants each year from 2019 with a maximun of 5 recipients of the same Award.


The catalogue is published by 1.October 2019. There will be an e-version and printed version made by order. The catalogue will display selected cities and companies with Rewards and points.

A different publication will display Awardgreen Awards at the end of 2019.

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