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Dronninglund in Denmark delivers sustainable heat with solar

SOLAR ENERGY Dronninglund District Heating (Dronninglund Fjernvarme) supplies heat to the city with clean and renewable energy. The hot water that is sent to the consumers is heated with solar heating. whogreen.com/who/dronninglund-district-heating Whogreen page Johan Frey Operations Manager Johan Frey shows the solar thermal plant to visitors.

Get to know Whogreen

Whogreen is the shortest way to get sustainable attention Whogreen is your bridge between environmentally friendly goals and the actual results step by step taken by each city, company and person. Each step is a step more people can take and when taken globally the world can move faster toward a sustainable future. WHOGREEN INFO Find out more You w...
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Top 5 Environmentally Sustainable Ports in United States

1. Georgia Ports Authority (GPA)2. Port of Baltimore3. Port of Long Beach4. Port of Los Angeles5. Port of Oakland Introduction Ports in any country are a proxy indicator of its economic growth and act as a gateway to global trade. They also provide one of the most economical form of transportation for businesses. The US has about 360 commercial por...
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Great use of waste at Encina Wastewater Authority

FOOD AND BEER WASTE Encina Wastewater Authority is part of the Food Waste-to-Energy group at Whogreen.com. To recover biogas from food waste is a new opportunity at EWA. Beer waste and FOG waste is already being added to the wastewater stream at the treatment facility. The goal is to optimize the recovery of resources from the food industry. The En...
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