Organic and Eco-Friendly. Foods and Raw material

Organic fruit has a short life but the soil and water around it lives on... the fruit comes back unharmed next season.


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Whogreen animal quote: The hummingbird
A hummingbird beat its wings up to 200 times per second. If only the hearts of people could beat that fast for sustaining the planet.
Lime colored World Actions are in the family of environmental responsibility: Conservation of eco-system. Sustaining natural ressources and minimizing the use of chemicals.
    Lime   Examples
Conservation of ecological systems.
  At research can be found for urban ecological and social-ecological in the City of Cape Town.
  Certified Organic
Solutions and products with an official certification related to organic standards.
  The skin care brand Planet Eve ( states to be cerfified organic in Austratlia.
  Organically Produced Elements
Solutions and products with organically grown or organically produced elements (not all certified).
  In New Zealand ( Tonzu Foods states to be Certified Organic with an independent "BioGro" certification as products can be labelled with organic without a formal certification.
Label for lime Recognition
Products and companies with a label given by an official body for actions that reduce the use of harmful substances and chemicals.
  The "Green All Purpose Cleaner" by Advantage Chemical, is on the list of EPA's list of products with the label: "Design for the environment" found at