Organic and Environmentally Friendly. Foods and Raw material

Organic fruit has a short life but the soil and water around it lives on... the fruit comes back unharmed next season.

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Whogreen animal quote: The hummingbird
A hummingbird beat its wings up to 200 times per second. If only the hearts of people could beat that fast for sustaining the planet.
Yellow colored World Actions are in the family of environmental sustainability: Environmentally friendly raw material. Raw (and wet) material recycling. Environmentally friendly products (foods and fabrics).


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Use of Recovered Raw Material
Companies that use recycled raw material.
EXPO-NET Danmark A/S produces plastic nets from recycled material.  
Food Safety Potential in Use
Companies that provide equipment and technology to reduce food waste.
The ThermIT measuring device is used in the hospitality and food industry. It monitors the freezing temperature and makes sure foods do not have to be thrown away because of temperatures that vary from the official requirements.  
Certified Organic
Solutions and products with an official certification related to organic standards.
Referral to products that are certified organic with a reference to the certification.  
Label for lime Recognition
Products and companies with a right to use an environmental label given by an official body.
Referral to products that has an environmental label with a reference to what the label means.  
Organically Produced Elements
Solutions and products with organically grown or organically produced elements.
Brands that offer products that are certfied organic with a reference to the certification.  
Food Waste to Energy Opportunity
Companies that are exploring new ways to use food waste to produce energy.
In 2018 Encina Wastewater Authority will begin to receive regular deliveries of beer waste and will begin testing of food waste.  
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