Likes make a difference. Green is what will be liked

Your childs future workplace will be green and will show a WhoGreen Star that leads to an ALLSTARS MEDAL. Some day most workplaces will have a WhoGreen profile. These are the ways to see who has something that is green.

Money spent on green

You will be surprised to know how much time workplaces and cities spent on going green. They improve your life by reducing negative impacts on the planet.

Time and money is spent on being environmentally friendly by:

  • Setting goals.
  • Communicating milestones.
  • Acting CO2-conscious and ECO-friendly.

WHOGREEEN gives MEDALS to things that are green.


Things are easier to like with a medal

When your workplace gets a medal its shared in the WhoGreen MEDALS guide.

A medal can be seen under the Learning Topics when your workplace has a WhoGreen AllStars profile. Medals are liked at social media.

Example of a medal which is shown at the WhoGreen AllStars profile

If your workplace has a green statement at their website your workplace is ready to get a medal that attract likes.