Likes make a difference

First the attraction of good causes then likes

Whogreen is the first green media that is designed to let everyone come together for a climate and environmentally friendly future. Both businesses and the public is attracted to like good causes.  Countries and cities move toward an environmentally sustainable future without fossil fuel and with everything recycled and reused. Therefore even social causes are often improved by environmental causes. Green is what is liked by businesses and the public.

Money spent on green

You will be surprised to know how much time workplaces and cities spent on going green. They improve your life by reducing negative impacts on the planet.

Time and money is spent on being environmentally friendly by:

  • Setting goals.
  • Communicating milestones.
  • Acting CO2-conscious and ECO-friendly.

Whogreen cause badges attracts a bigger audience

Each of the goals, milestones and actions can be sorted in good causes and are subjects of nominations for Whogreen Stars. The Whogreen Cause Badge is designed to attract even more people.


Things are easier to like with stars

When your workplace gets a Whogreen Star its shared in the Whogreen Stars guide. Stars in the library will be liked. School of causes is an overview of learning badges for each star and directs you to people who has been rewarded under a similar cause. Causes will be liked.