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Eyes are known to relax when they look at the color green, so don't rest until your city has many light green colors..

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Whogreen animal quote: The leopard
A leopards coat is like a helicopter ride looking down on natural grounds. You never get tired of looking at the untouched patterns. When touched they become urban nature and your responsibility to sustain.
Light green World Actions are in the family of environmental sustainability: Big eco oriented actions. Recycling. Products with labels and certifications.


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Eco City Model
Cities and communities that can act as a role model for sustainability.
From: international.stockholm.se: "Stockholm, Europe's first ever Green Capital, has showcased two visionary projects as examples of sustainable urban development."  
Eco City Participation
Cities and companies who takes part in making their city sustainable at a larger scale.

Encina Wastewater Authority helps their city become more sustainable by recycling biosolids and water. Encinajpa.com

NewUse Services
Recycled material ready for new use.
Vulcan offers recycled construction material. They recycle previously used concrete and asphalt paving materials. Vulcanmaterials.com  
Material Life Service
Recycling services.
Cleanaway gathers building material waste and recycles it. Cleanaway.com.au  
CirleIt Material
Material with specific environmental considerations.
After use the EXPO-NET Danmark's plastic extruded net products can be recycled and turned into new products. The PE based product material is an imperishable material.  
Products MoveOn
Products presenting a way of being discarded in an environmentally friendly manner.
From Content.dell.com: "You can help reduce e-waste and protect the environment with Dell™ technology recycling, offered around the globe. "  
Certified Green Label
Products (or parts of) with an environmental certification.
From Todaysgateway.com: "The latest industry to become Green Certified through the Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certification Program is Gateway Medical Center."  
Green Event Participant
Individuals and company representatives participating in green events.
Expo-net A/S in Denmark participates at the Building Green trade show that requires companies to have a sustainability profile to register for exhibiting at the convention.  


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