Fresh water and water recycling

There is only one water but billions of people to share it wisely.

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Whogreen animal quote: The polar bear cub
The next generation of polar bears depends on ice that is part of the freshwater circle. It's only humans who breaks the circle by contamination.
Light blue World Actions are in the family of environmental responsibility: Fresh water resources. Water treatment. Water supply.


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The company or organization works in the interest of several water entities to improve the conditions for water.
WateReuse is an organization that works to inspire legislation to improve the conditions for water reuse/recycling throughout the United States.  
Big Water Reuse
Agencies that reuse/recycles water on a large scale.
Eastern Municipal Water District reuse/recycles all the wastewater that is treated.  
Groundwater Protection
Agencies who protects the quality and quantity of groundwater.
Yucaipa Valley Water District has installed a brineline to remove salts and minerals from depositing into the groundwater basin. Reverse osmosis (RO) is part of water treatment so it can be recycled and salts needs to be disposted of in the process.  
Water Reuse Experience
Professionels with work experience related to water reuse/recycling.
Scott Goldman from RMC Water & Environment Woodard and Curran has worked with water recycling projects for more than 20 years.  
Potable Water Reuse Plan
Plans to increase the production of potable water.
Encina Wastewater Authorty is looking into producing recycled water that can be used as drinking water.  


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