Fresh water and water recycling

There is only one water but billions of people to share it wisely.

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Whogreen animal quote: The dolphin
Dolphins are credited with having extraordinary thinking abilities and a great deal of persistence to accompany these remarkable powers...
When looking at some of the most peaceful and yet dynamic animals, one could think: It's not rocket science to set standards, it's the study of dolphins.
Grey World Actions are in the family of environmental and social responsibility: Organizations. Network. Labels. Certifying authorities. Conference organizers.


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Sustainability Org
Organizations promoting sustainability at a larger scale.
WateReuse is an organization that works to inspire legislation to improve the conditions for water reuse/recycling throughout the United States.  
Sustainability Network
Network for more environmental and social responsibility in general. is a website that displays Danish companies that supply products with sustainable features and cases.  
Sustainability Partnerships
Partnerships for more environmental and social responsibility in general.
Network for Business Sustainability presents a report on sustainability partnerships.  
Human Rights Org
Organizations that promote Human Rights.
The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned with public sustainability and health.  
Trade Show/Conferences
Tradeshows that promotes sustainability.
Building Green is an exhibition of companies that supplies products to the building industry where companies submit confirmation of sustainability.  
Labels by Org
Parties that certifies and organizes the right to use labels.
The Ecolabel is certified by the EU Ecolabel of the European Commission Directorate-General for Environment..  
Certifications by Org
Parties that certifies.
ISO (International Standardization Organization) is an organization that certifies companies.  


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