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Young people are the hope of the future. This color is dedicated to green living project activities including utility usage and life of trees.

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  The polar-bear Victoria
Whogreen animal quote: The polar bear
A polar bear reminds us that we should not tame it nor interfere with their home. If icebergs dissapear unexpectedly in the warmer climate, we might not have interfered, but it still melt our hearts and calls upon solutions to climate change.
Green World Actions are in the family of environmental responsibility: Green city life. Consumer and community opportunities to act environmentally sustainable. Citizens involement in growing forests and fauna.


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Citizens' Water
Water and water treatment available to citizens with less carbon emissions.
Eastern Municipal Water District is a water utility service that enables consumers in their district to have a greener lifestyle by reducing their carbon emissions.  
Tree Time
Tree planting at a larger scale.
From Treeliner in Australia: TREELINER® plants 3000 to 5000 trees per day in uncultivated conditions.  
Tree Top
Technologies and equipment for tree platning. is a tree plantings service in the San Diego area in California.  
Reduce CO2 by Nature
Best practises and solutions related to increasing natural CO2 absorption.
From the The Environmental Magazine: In essence, trees, as kings of the plant world, are considered nature’s most efficient “carbon sinks.”  
Explore Sustained
Wilderness turism with sustainable considerations.
From "Organic Explorer has carved out a name for itself as a comprehensive resource for travellers seeking eco-friendly experiences in New Zealand."  
Green Conscious Fashion
Brands with special considerations to the planet.
H&M CEO writes: ”Our vision is to lead the change towards circular and renewable fashion while being a fair and equal company.”  
Awarded Preservation
Individuals or companies who has been given an award for preserving nature or communicating preservation.
The American media producer Richard Bangs has been given the lifetime Preservation award for his TV-productions.  


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