Looking for a way to get involved?

The new YouEco hashtag refers to environmental causes that someone supports by acting green.

Get involved by finding causes that a workplace, a business or a city can live up to. Think of this: What needs to be improved to reduce negative effects for the environment? Think of use of products, developing a city or selling things.

Use #youeco for a good way to be greener

7 stars and the supporting 3-6 stars are important

The 3-7 star achievements are important to help spread good news about sustainability across the world. 7 stars are the highest. If you have ideas in general of cities, jobs and places that act green - get involved. If you have new ideas - get involved. Use #youeco to share your insights. Share a photo and a text that goes with what you have found. Learn more at things that can get a star.

Who gets the stars?

Many entities can be nominated such as: Workplaces, organizations, cities, places, projects and jobs.