The new hashtag

Get involved with #7stars

Here is what you do: Find something you think is bad for the climate or the environment. Be very specific. Find something that can improve it. Share it.
Read below if you want to get involved with finding smaller causes.

Find examples that can reach the hightest Stars

7 Stars remove risks by behaving differently

7 stars are hard to get. 7 star actions means that, what was before pretty bad for the environment has now been improved by this action. You turned a non-sustainable behavior into a greener behavior. The concete example serves as a text book example for someone else.

Examples of 7 star causes:
Someone planted at least 10,000 trees as a part of sustainable forestry.
Someone uses 100% green energy to substitute at least 200,000 kWh per year or all the power they use.
Someone only use office supply that is made from recycled material and recycles it after use.

Now YOU can find examples. See the categories that are part of the reward system.

Who gets the 7 stars?

Often it is your workplace or the city you live in that can get 7 stars.

Do you need an easier start to get involved?

The new hashtag referring to all environmental causes

Use #Climatephoto for a good way to be greener

Supporting stars are also important

The 3-6 star achievements are also important. If you have ideas in general of actions and places that act green - get involved. If you have new ideas - get involved. Use #Climatephoto to share your insights. Share a photo and a text that goes with what you have found. Learn more at things that can get a star.

Who gets the stars?

Many entities can be nominated such as: Workplaces, organizations, cities, places, projects and jobs.