The Whogreen starburst logo means that your employer or your public utility company has taken an interest in your health and in the green future of your city. The origami bird in the logo symbolizes new beginnings. Each Sustainable World Action decorated with a Smile-for-Solution-Super-Icon is proof of a positive action and a new beginning. Get to know the 10 Super Icons.

New beginnings together

A great number of cities are basing their economic decisions on environmental responsibility. The more Action Rewards, the better the green economy, the bigger the competition advantage and the greater citizen awareness in local and global communities.

Products to like and examples to follow

A practical example of what is being done in a city, or at a company, is the World Action message that goes with the Smile-for-Solution-Super-Icon. Here you know how a positive difference has been made. The messages are sent across the world as a chain reaction for a better world.

Selective Social Super Sites improve lives and you can take part in making a better world by encouraging your work place to share their World Action site in the Whogreen Library.