Conserving the wilderness and protecting species

Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit. Edward Abbey

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Whogreen animal quote: The polar bear cub
The next generation of polar bears depends on ice that is part of the freshwater circle. It's only humans who breaks the cicle by contamination.
Crystal blue World Actions are in the family of environmental sustainability: Clean air. Clean oceans. Extreme weather resilience.


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Air Quality Advocate
Organizations that work with air quality improvement.
The Clean Air Taskforce is working to protect air quality and the earth's climate.  
GHG Reduction Registrar
Registrars who supports greenhouse gas reductions.
Companies can be a member of the California Climate Change Action Registry, intended to promote reduction of GHG emissions.  
Ocean Regen Support
Companies that support ocean regeneration.
Boeing and Quantas are some of the companies that support the protect of the Great Barrier Reefs.  
Plastic Waste Cleanup
Companies that support the removal of plastic from oceans.
Deloitte is one of the supporters of The Ocean Cleanup project.  
Ocean Studies
Companies that support ocean studies.
NASA is one of the supporters of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  
Repair by Coach and Guide
People who work to teach others about practical solutions to Climate Change.
Consultants that help to repair damages from extreme weather, drought, floods and storms - or help to revent damages.  
Weather Constructions
Projects that include extreme weather resilience at a large scale.
Constructions that help to repair damages from extreme weather, drought, floods and storms - or help to prevent damages.  


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