WHOGREEN sustainability pages (Super Sites) and groups enables one another to help grow a greener world. Together it becomes the WHOGREEN learning experience. The learning experience engages the world population to take part in the green transition through WHOGREEN social media.

Grow a greener world

WHOGREEN helps the world compete between both businesses and cities to do things even better for the benefit of all people and the natural environment. The world can learn to:

  • Recycle more things
  • Use more organic practices
  • Power more tings with green energy
  • Reuse more things so they can be used again
  • Recover more resources so natural resources last longer
  • Increase safety for people and improve climate change risk management

You can help as

  • An employee
  • A citizen
  • A business
  • A city

Employee and citizen
Keep and eye on the Company you work for. Do you see their World Site/page with World Actions at Whogreen.com? If not make sure to notify your employer to get their page.