Environmentally friendly jobs and human rights

When your company works hard and think of things like the climate, money will rain on you eventually

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Whogreen animal quote: The horse
The horse - it's mane flowing in the wind and hooves playing a melody in the grass. Going green in the workplace is the freedom to enjoy the same clean air and land.
Green World Actions are in the family of environmental responsibility: Job types that centers around sustainability. Quality and safety certifications.


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Job potential
New green jobs potential.
A company can present a potential for new green job(s).  
Green career
Jobs with an emphasis on sustainable development.
A company can present role model careers with job descriptions that result in sustainable development because of the work that is carried out.  
Green Seed
Seed capital for green business.
A company or indiviual is offering investment opportunities or funding advice for new sustainable business.  
Planet Business
Economy or business concept with environmental entrepreneurship.
A business has verified how parts of or the whole profit will be invested in environmental projects.  
Sustainable Benefits
Employees taking part in
Companies that integrate employee activities within the company to increase environmental sustainability.  
Quality Controlled
Companies, products and individuals with a certification for a quality standard.
Companies that are certifed or registered by organizations that certifies quality standards.  
Sustainable Benefits
Employee options to take part in sustainable activities.
Campbell Soup VP Dave Stangis gives examples of activities that employees could include in their appraisal form: “Making sure that their workgroup volunteers 20 percent more in their local community with one of our non-profit partners than they did last year … or working on integrating a healthier ingredient into a product next year.”  


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