Fresh water and water recycling

Writing down corporate responsibility means more heavy work in sight, so onload them to for a future so light and bright.

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Whogreen animal quote: The black jaguar
The athletic look of a jaguar made me think... With the industrialism we have bended people and the planet to make the things we desire. Some of those things are not so desirable anymore, so now we have to bend ourselves to make things right. Let's document how we will do that.
Green World Actions are in the family of environmental sustainability: Sustainability reporting and compliance.


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Sustainability reporting
Referrals company’s environmental and social reports.
At - a sustainability business report for "Nike" can be downloaded.  
Commitment to Sustainability
Referrals to company's environmental programs.
Nestlé publish commitments to hold ourselves publicly accountable for our sustainable performance.  
Sustainability Goals
Companies who refer to the sustainable development goals.
L’Oréal has undertaken a profound transformation towards an increasingly sustainable model, to respond to its environmental and social impacts.  
United Nations Registration
Companies who are registered with the United Nations program.
Companies can share their sustainable development and report with the United Nations Global Compact program.  
Sustainability Organizations
Programs that promote and organize sustainability reporting.
United Nations organize and communicate the Sustainable Development Goals that companies can choose to support.  


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