The biggest part of the World Actions at are related to the natural environment and climate. Collectively World Actions represent good causes.

A good cause that has been acted upon is demonstrated through the World Action informative labeling. World Actions make cities greener, they protect the ecosystem and improve water quality and reliability.

The things businesses do help to solve world's problems

A list of World Actions, each decorated with their own icon, is shown at the WA sustainability page that each business share.

Who and what made the world better?

The World Action smile-for-solution-icons teach you who are closest to improve environmental sustainability.

The magic leaf tells you that a company is acting green within their own administration.
The smart flower tells you that a company is offering a product with a green feature.
The cool globe tells you that someone has organized a green activity or made a law.
The wise branch tells you what green action takes part in solving world's problems.
The clever tag tells you how a green labeled product protects the environment.
The easy emblem tells you how a certification makes things safer and greener.
The pretty prize tells you why an award was given for a sustainable action.
The great person tells you CSR highlights from the heart of a company.
The happy face tells you a sustainability story that may surprise you.
The heroic compass tells you which new opportunity is explored.