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Environmental Engineer for Public Agencies

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As an engineer I have solved many problems related to water treatment and resource recovery. We work with public agencies in California, USA.

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Reuse Realization

Big Water Reuse

Scott Goldman has worked on numerous water projects for more than 30 years with important results for the industry. The projects include water reuse.
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Conservation of
Urban Nature

Los Angeles water and environment master plan

Scott Goldman led a non-potable reuse master plan for Los Angeles and has led numerous water reuse projects. The water project has been engineered to protect the environment and save water.
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Joined Leadership

Board Member

Scott Goldman serves on the board og trustees for the WateReuse Association. WateReuse advance the beneficial and efficient uses of high-quality, locally produced, sustainable water sources.

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  Industry Leader

32 Years with Water

Scott Goldman is one of the most experienced leaders in California, facilitating partnerships for projects and joint efforts in water reuse.

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The Sacramento River.

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In april i participated at the conference WATER: MORE FOR LESS co-hosted by the SFPUC and Aarhus Water. I also enjoyed Water Technology Alliance (WTA) inauguration hosted by H.E. Lars Gert Lose, the Danish Ambassador to the United States.


This Trophy is awarded to Scott Goldman for his extraordinary expertise in planning and implementing water reuse solutions. This T-footprint award nominates Scott for a Trophy Statuette.

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